Uppada Silk Sarees

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The History Of Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada is the name of a small town in the coastal area of the Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The silk sarees that comes from this region are known as Uppada pattu sarees. Pattu is the name for silk in South India. Uppada sarees are made from an old traditional method known as Jamdani. The speciality of uppada silk designer sarees is that they’re made without the use of mechanical instruments Known for their unique design and embroidery.

The Charm & Allure Of the Uppada Sarees

The Uppada Sarees are a recreation of Jamdani style of weaving. Jamadani originated in Bangladesh and travelled to Southern India in the 18th century. This weaving style is over 300 years old, which indicates that it is an historic and timeless art nurtured by the weavers of Uppada. Each saree takes about 10 to 60 days of weaving in its entirety. What makes these sarees unique is the fine artistic hand weaving and the high quality of Bengaluru silk used. Each saree is made using pure lace which is often dipped in melted gold. These sarees come laden with handloom work on both the sides. Hence, it can be worn on both sides, unlike other sarees. You can raise your sophistication level by wearing these glamorous yet traditional sarees.

Shop For Exquisite Collection Of Uppada Silk Sarees

Sareeka brings to you an amazing range of Uppada silk saree on discounts that are completely hand woven and come in an array of patterns and styles. The various designs include nature-inspired motifs, temple patterns, geometric shapes and abstracts. A unique aspect about designer Uppada silk wedding sarees is that both the sides are extremely lightweight ensuring that you carry them at ease. Besides designs, the sarees are even available in a wide range of colours so that you can choose your variant according to the occasion. Bright colour palette can be an ideal choice for weddings, festivals, engagements or cultural events. For a comfortable and everyday attire you can go with minimal and plain colours that will give you a simple and sophisticated look. Wait no more and browse through the latest collection of Uppada silk sarees on sale before they are gone!