Patola Silk Sarees

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A Brief Journey Of Patola Silk Sarees

The fame, charm, and the popularity of the patola sarees have been woven by centuries of rich history. The exquisite silken weave of the patola textile is just not an art form but a heritage by all means. It is often called as “Queen of Silks”. Worn by royals and aristocrats on auspicious occasions and prized as a holy cloth even in South East Asia, the patola finds mention in the 14th century travel accounts of Ibn Batuta, who gifted "patolas" to kings. Since a genuine patola is a very expensive saree, it is a matter of great pride to own one. The painstaking traditional process of spinning, tying-dyeing and weaving takes four or more people four to eight months to weave a piece.

Patola Sarees - Traditions Get A Gorgeous Makeover

The resultant patola silk has no reverse side as both the sides have equal intensities of colour and design. Patolas are also known for their bright striking colour combination, which remains intact for centuries as all colours are sourced organically. Although floral motifs, animals, birds and human figures are basic designs, but geometric patterns are in vogue. The scintillating patola sarees at luxurion world are authentic and so beautifully designed that it inspires awe for both the makers and the wearer. If anything is dyed then its colour will fade with time, that’s the reason why it is done on the silk fabric. The patola silk designer sarees are durable and give a heavy effect. Everyone out there loves these sarees.

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At, you can find patola silk sarees in amazing variety. From flowers, animals, human figures, birds to basic designs, you can find anything. Also, the purely geometric designs, Islamic architectural embellishments and Ajrak designs are available. It helps you to choose just by sitting at your home. Also, Patola sarees are also designed for the wedding functions, in that case, choose the heavy looking patola silk party wear saris. From plain to simple, you can find anything with us. Just know your style and perfect occasion and flaunt your patola or Ikat sarees.