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Khadi Silk Sarees - The Desi Drape From India

The use of Khadi silk reminds us the period of post-Independence time. The handmade material is now making a glamorous classy comeback in a trending way. Khadi has always been India's pride because it is something invented by us. To assemble khadi Silk , fresh fabric like cotton or silk are rotated into threads on revolving wheels called charkhas. This spinning of yarn is woven into reels and dispatched back into weaved filament into the Khadi silk fabric. The entwine of the yarn result in the making of airy sarees, which helps to stay snug in winter and cool in summer. Pick an ideal drape according to your mood, style, and occasion.

Look Radiant in a Khadi Sarees

The khadi silk saree in India is a delicately handwoven cloth that is originally from here. It is made from cotton and on rare occasions, silk or wool as well. One might associate the khadi saree with minimalist design but modern innovations have ensured that the customer is offered a variety of choice, ranging from grand options with a lot of intricate detailing to simple, solid-color alternatives with no embellishments whatsoever. Khadi is an adaptable and lightweight fabric which makes it flexible to wear and carry. These fabric sarees remain for a longer period of time without any defect or any kind of issue in it. Most important thing is that khadi is woven from only cotton fabric. Our brand provides you printed khadi silk sarees with various design and pattern. We also treat you with pure khadi silk fabric from renowned vendors of India.

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The lovers of silk sarees must own at least one woven khadi silk saree. It’s as lustrous as silk, but boasts of coarse and distinctive textures, unlike silk. Intricately woven with zari and resham, it has a rich Indian feel. At Sareeka, an enticing variety awaits you. It’s extremely easy to choose the desired colors, styles, and works from the left navigation. Do not lose out on our various offers khadi saree collection on!