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Explore Flexibility and Adaptability With Our Jacquard Sarees

Jacquard, one of the most lightweight silks, is a woven fabric produced in a Jacquard loom. Beautiful and attractive designs and textures can easily be interwoven in the Jacquard fabric. Jacquard is a fabric that has an intricately woven pattern. Unlike other fabrics, the design is not embroidered on it; instead, it is woven directly on the fabric. Jacquard is an age-old way of weaving cloth. In ancient times, Jacquard was weaved in a process called drawloom. Drawloom was a prolonged process, and the designs were straightforward and mediocre. After the invention of the Jacquard loom, the machine started making different and patterns. Capacity of making cloth increased. But now, with the technological advancement weaving of Jacquard fabric is computerized. The whole weaving process is less time consuming, and it can create more complex designs with ease.

Flaunt Your Astounding Look With Jacquard Sarees

The property of being breathable and moisture absorbing, while maintaining its silk-like gloss, makes Jacquard a very popular fabric for summer clothes. These fabrics can easily be woven into a wide variety of designs ranging from floral prints to intricate patterns. Take your pick from a wide array of embellishments, designs, color, and patterns.

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At Sareeka.com, you would find an amazing assortment of Indian jacquard silk sarees among our vast collection of sarees designs. Jacquard saris are very easy to drape and comes in a broad range of designs and prints which you can sport for any occasion. Buy them from sareeka to get the best quality and variety of choices to choose from in the comfort of your home.