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Green Georgette And Banarasi Saree
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Banarasi Silk Sarees - Traditional Wear That Never Fails You

We have all worn a Banarasi saree and loved every moment of it, but how many of us actually know of its rich history or story of origin? Banarasi sarees, as the name suggests, are a product of Varanasi/Banaras. They are lauded for their dainty, intricate brocade work and fine texture – they are made from superior quality silk and are heavier than other sarees due to the gorgeous thread work that adorns them. It all began when expert silk weavers from Banaras made stunning brocade patterns using gold and silver thread. Today, traditional silk weavers face stiff competition from manufacturers of synthetic variants at a cheaper price. There are four different kinds of Banarasi saree, including the Organza, pure silk and georgette sarees.

The designs used on saree are Mughal inspired such as intricate intertwining floral and foliate motifs, kalga and bel, a string of upright leaves called jhallar at the outer, edge of border is a characteristic of these sarees. Other distinctive features are Heavy gold work, Compact weaving, figures with small details, metallic visual effects, pallus, jal, and mina work.

Spectacular Designs of Banarasi Silk Sarees

Making a trip to the holy city of Varanasi to buy sarees is no longer require as in the internet generation one can buy banarasi silk sarees online conveniently. In fact, shopping online means that you get a wider range of colors and designs to choose from. An integral part of a woman’s Indian wedding sarees collection, Banarasi silk sarees also look great on festive occasions. They have also taken the form of banarasi lehenga sarees to meet the demands of fashionable young Indian women. Where net sarees, jacquard sarees, and diamante sarees are the new varieties on the block, Banarasi silk sarees are an all-time classic and a must-have for the connoisseur of Indian sarees.