Sareeka Reviews

Apr 22, 2021
Love yourself
Saudi Arabia

Let me tell you this app or website is great . I was so afraid to buy from it after reading a lot of bad reviews but they didn't not disappoint me I had a very nice hustle free experience. I bought 9 sarees from them. they delivered it to me in exactly 3 weeks to Saudi Arabia. It takes two weeks to dispatch but once its dispatched you can get it by the next week . I would recommend you not give anything to stitch so you can get your order quickly . Some people are complaining about how the quality of the product is not good but let me tell you if you go to a shop, the shop has both good and bad products but its our responsibility to check which is a good product and buy it to get value for our money so don't blame them for your poor selection.they have wide variety of goods so choose wisely. This app or Website has improved so much from past years.This is very honest review believe me you won't be disappointed