How to wear saree?

How to wear saree?

For wear saree you will need nine yard or six yard saree, matching blouse, petticoat, some safety pins as well matching accessories like footwear, earrings, necklace and clutch. 

Quick Simple Steps To Drape Saree:

  • Get ready with a petticoat tied reasonably firmly at the waist by a drawstring and wear a fitted blouse that ends below the bust.
  • Take end of the saree and start tucking it into the petticoat and wrap one full round from right to left. Make sure that the lower end of the saree is just about one or two inch above the floor.
  • Hold saree, just after the tucked portion, and start making about 7 to 10 pallu pleats (depending on the saree length) approx 5 to 6 inches measuring a span width each other and hold them up together so that pleats fall straight & even
  • Tuck the arranged pleats into the petticoat slightly towards the left of the navel, pleat should folds face left as well.
  • Now hold the saree and tuck it in the petticoat until around the back and bring the untied portion in front from the right.
  • Now, make five to seven pallu pleats at the shorter hem of the saree and place it on the left shoulder such that the pallu falls just above the knee level. Now use safety pin to fix pallu to blouse.
  • With the Saree draped perfectly, revel in the beauty and grace of your complete look with some accessories like earrings, neckpiece, clutch, footwear etc.

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